Darwin Court

52, Darwin Court, GloucesterAve,

London, NW1

(Full postcode unknown)



(From Djamel Metouri email, 09-Nov-11): “Darwin Court in Primrose Hill (near Camden): came a few times to visit yogis and even stay for some time in Patricia’s flat (1981 to 1982) (Shri Mataji came to Primrose hill to bless Gail’s baby on 26th May 1982 (I remember the date because I was matched to Guillemette the next day) (Patricia may have more precise information about Mother’s long stay in her flat)”.

(Ziya, 11-Nov-11): The location is mentioned in the Navaratri Puja 2008 Gift booklet as well.

(Email from Patricia Proenza, 10-Nov-11): “The exact address ofDarwin Courtis: 52,Darwin Court,GloucesterAve, London NW1. The actual flat can be located by looking at the numbers listed at the main door of each block. Coming fromPark Road, I think it is the third block along (it is a long time since I lived there). The flat is on the first floor, one floor above the ground, and the large living room window looks onto the front, on the far right of the block.”


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